Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Comments are welcome

Recently we've moved Morningside into a more directed channel - reaching more folks, but doing so in a more controlled and focused way. We hope to expand that base and eventually reach many people with what we believe are both comforting and challenging devotional thoughts. Devotionals are time with God, that's what they are all about, you and God, together, personal, and timely. Writing devotionals is the most wonderful writing experience that a person can have, but they have to love God and they ought to love the readers, God's people. Also when putting a devotional together it strikes me that it ought to be so clear that a person who doesn't know Jesus Christ as their lord and savior would get the message, each time, if we intend to ever win anyone we must make it appealing enough to them, wouldn't you agree? Which brings us to our blog question: Shouldn't Christianity be appealing?