Monday, April 09, 2012


YEAH I thought I was trippin- BUT nope...the FB cops lock down on the word hell, apparently?  Because this was my post, the lady had a picture of cat before election and after, looking really vicious-and all I wrote was...MM please tell me that this ain' so, they gonna throw that poor puppy Romney in with sid vicious the liar from hell...please tell me it ain' so...AND UP POPS THIS...Am I missin' something or isn't all them words in the Bible...ain' I a gotta be kiddin' me your playin with me right?

Monday, April 02, 2012

Getting To The Real

TONY CAMPOLO may not be a name
that you recognize?  He is a professor
of sociology at Eastern University, and
and evangelist.  One of the deep joys
of my life was seeing him live, seeing
him preach, and watching what an
anointed evangelist can be an instrument
to; as hundreds of people responded
to his invitation to become sacrificial.
Spend three minutes and have your
eyes opened into a new and wider
vista of what it means to follow Jesus-
my feeling is you'll find it worthwhile.