Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Pass - The Ketchup

It is impossible to catch up - we can closely associate to catching up, but real catching up cannot be accomplished. This is nice to know when it comes to the real world where we are often behind. The real trying part of this is that time passes, and we don't catch up with moments that are passed- and, we can't get ahead of it either- so, that means it cannot be done, right?
For an interesting discussion on this subject,
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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Peace - It Is Time For It

The U.S. President said he supports peace. This seems believable, and he is proclaiming that the elections can open up the worlds eyes to democracy and how it addresses the needs of the people. How do you think the elections carrying Hamas will affect this?

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

NOW - the fun starts

A truly sad announcement if you've been a fan, and I've been a huge fan.
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This show gave us insight sometimes, and sometimes, just plain old good fashioned humor. It added a personalized vision at times to the immense level that the Federal Government of the United States has at it's head. The President and the people around the President, as one branch of three was displayed as human. The show had ups and downs - such as when they left the Governor of California elected off their staff and did nothing with that story line portion; but, even with ups and downs as all drama has, this has been a show that I truly enjoyed and I shall hate to see it go...but that's how changes happen, right?

Now the fun starts: what will the replacement be...hmm, let's see...how about a show about a motor car company who realizes they have missed the boat (no pun intended) and because of this horrible miscue the execustives (numerous multi level 8 figure income types) are going to each contribute 200K to the 35,000 workers who they shafted as an offering of contrition? Could be done...won't be done...and ...35,000 folks is a bunch of people to have pissed off at one time...were it me and were I one of those chieftans...don't know...I think I'd find cover somewhere...oh heck...ain' I stupid...like they'd stay in the U.S. ...when they can go to the Bahamas...geez...my bad....

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Admitting to it ...a fan that refuses to whine!

Nope...no whining here...Pittsburgh showed Denver that the one touchdown favorite of playing at Invesco field, didn't mean squat. Denver for some reason went flat, could it be that Pittsburgh let the air out of their tires? Now of course it becomes a must root for Pittsburgh...the enemy of my enemy is my friend? Best to them and who knows, maybe next year Denver will achieve what they are capable of.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Day Before - It's Predictions Time

Pickin' the winner - it's fun - (Click to see what the experts say)
and it helps to be right - so here goes - Denver will win at Invesco - but it could be close - depends upon the defenses. Plummer can be a factor, when he's hot he's hot, and this season people can say what they want but Plummer has done the job in a spectacular way! Since I'm a die hard Denver fan it really isn't a big deal to me who wins, but, it seems to me that Carolina beats people up - yeah I realize what a football cliche that is, but they seem very strong against some opponents and it will be fun to see how they handle Seattle. The factor that nobody really takes into account is the home team advantage, it's been said that this can be worth a touchdown, and let's how much the point difference is in the win for Carolina. Let me know what you think...would love to hear your sides...

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Makes Perfect Sense...darnit....

Motivation is the key - that can be positive or negative. A couple that we know motivated their daughter by scaring her, constantly telling her what she had to lose if her grades fell - they never did. She didn't seem particularly unhappy, she went out, is now in college, holds a job and does well. Darnit- because, the motivation employed was negative, and, don't know about you but I love a world where things are rosey, people are nice, and they do stuff becuase it needs doing- then there is the truth- sometimes that doesn't work. What is needed is motivation to help people achieve and become more, that motivation can be and often is, negative. That motivation can also be positive, my question is, can one be substituted for the other successfully?

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Another Magical Louisiana Day

It is almost hard to believe - Mr. Wonderful, Mayor of New Orleans, has managaed to stir it up again; this cannot be mere ineptitude, it must be deliberate media manipulation. Has to be right? Check it out ...then come on back

Sometimes we just can't catch a break - but this one is really odd. Other than that, am considering doing some writing - maybe some fiction type - let me know what you think on that one.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Just [NOT] Guessing

Have seen a lot of guessing going on in cyberspace lately; loads of speculation and loads of inuendo, which leads to the question, do we feel more freedom to be less exact, less specific, here in blogville? What do you think? Love to hear your comments on this one...

Saturday, January 14, 2006


Frankl in "Man's Search for Meaning" (Touchstone Press, ISBN 0-671-24422-1, 1984) points out the level of detachment that is possible in people, and that the more extreme the circumstance, the more the detachment becomes a part of their behavior. Is this what we in America are seeing take place right in front of our eyes, only we don't see it, because we are detached? What do you think?

Thursday, January 12, 2006


Wow what a site...just quotes..
but very cool...check it out
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Life...here's an intriguing quote..."Being on the tightrope is living; everything else is waiting.
-- Karl Wallenda

Slippery subject quotes...but hey....those who show up make the decisions...

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

"Welcome My Friends....to the show....

...that never ends" quote off the West Wing from President Bartlett to a young Congressman. Who can tell the whimsical ways of government these days, I certainly can't, and it's at the behest, of such that research can be funded. Those aren't the only funds, but if the research isn't ground breaking and money making; though it have merit, it still may not see the light of investment angels money, hence, the behest of government grants looms large. Had to let this one go - it's the eleventh hour and my puny brain has run dry of creative endeavor- this is a tough one, it was within our grasp- but, there will be a tomorrow, this isn't the only fight we're gonna fight, and, 800 G's is a lot of smackers to walk away from, but it's better sometimes to walk away, rather than run from an impending disaster. So it's time to begin the search again for bucks. Saw an interesting book for writers, and many people who blog are also writers- check it out at:

True - it isn't free, but it is worth it - has tons of great ideas, and tons of terrific research and references. If a couple hundred bucks a week for three to six hours work would interest you, it's probably worth your checking it out. That's not bad money. {click on image}

If you can...drop me a line...would love to hear from you
- Dana

Monday, January 02, 2006

Programming - and then there is...PRO-gramming

What we have in our lives are people, and books, all else, is entertainment of some sort. The people who bring about some difference in our existence, we remember them, usually for what they got us to see- the books we read, in some fashion go into those same lines, if I feel from reading it, likely it will stick with me. Same with programming - the strongest lessons tend to stick with me - what about you? What's your favorite language to program in? I have two - they conflict somewhat - I use a little C++ and some JAVA, have knowledge in others, as my favorite thing to get into is what a language will do - and there are many new ones coming out, RUBY as an example, and there are advances in the existing languages, AJAX, for example. In my feeble brain it occurs to me that there are people who do code, and then are people who take the art of their lives and put that into their programs. One such person is a great man I know - check out his web site at: http://www.cretesoft.com great folks at this place...loads of knowledge...but I find programmers are generally really bright types ...very creative types, what about you, do you find them to be such? Let me know what ya think out there... - Dana