Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Day Before - It's Predictions Time

Pickin' the winner - it's fun - (Click to see what the experts say)
and it helps to be right - so here goes - Denver will win at Invesco - but it could be close - depends upon the defenses. Plummer can be a factor, when he's hot he's hot, and this season people can say what they want but Plummer has done the job in a spectacular way! Since I'm a die hard Denver fan it really isn't a big deal to me who wins, but, it seems to me that Carolina beats people up - yeah I realize what a football cliche that is, but they seem very strong against some opponents and it will be fun to see how they handle Seattle. The factor that nobody really takes into account is the home team advantage, it's been said that this can be worth a touchdown, and let's how much the point difference is in the win for Carolina. Let me know what you think...would love to hear your sides...

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