Tuesday, January 10, 2006

"Welcome My Friends....to the show....

...that never ends" quote off the West Wing from President Bartlett to a young Congressman. Who can tell the whimsical ways of government these days, I certainly can't, and it's at the behest, of such that research can be funded. Those aren't the only funds, but if the research isn't ground breaking and money making; though it have merit, it still may not see the light of investment angels money, hence, the behest of government grants looms large. Had to let this one go - it's the eleventh hour and my puny brain has run dry of creative endeavor- this is a tough one, it was within our grasp- but, there will be a tomorrow, this isn't the only fight we're gonna fight, and, 800 G's is a lot of smackers to walk away from, but it's better sometimes to walk away, rather than run from an impending disaster. So it's time to begin the search again for bucks. Saw an interesting book for writers, and many people who blog are also writers- check it out at:

True - it isn't free, but it is worth it - has tons of great ideas, and tons of terrific research and references. If a couple hundred bucks a week for three to six hours work would interest you, it's probably worth your checking it out. That's not bad money. {click on image}

If you can...drop me a line...would love to hear from you
- Dana

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