Tuesday, January 24, 2006

NOW - the fun starts

A truly sad announcement if you've been a fan, and I've been a huge fan.
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This show gave us insight sometimes, and sometimes, just plain old good fashioned humor. It added a personalized vision at times to the immense level that the Federal Government of the United States has at it's head. The President and the people around the President, as one branch of three was displayed as human. The show had ups and downs - such as when they left the Governor of California elected off their staff and did nothing with that story line portion; but, even with ups and downs as all drama has, this has been a show that I truly enjoyed and I shall hate to see it go...but that's how changes happen, right?

Now the fun starts: what will the replacement be...hmm, let's see...how about a show about a motor car company who realizes they have missed the boat (no pun intended) and because of this horrible miscue the execustives (numerous multi level 8 figure income types) are going to each contribute 200K to the 35,000 workers who they shafted as an offering of contrition? Could be done...won't be done...and ...35,000 folks is a bunch of people to have pissed off at one time...were it me and were I one of those chieftans...don't know...I think I'd find cover somewhere...oh heck...ain' I stupid...like they'd stay in the U.S. ...when they can go to the Bahamas...geez...my bad....


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Dr. D said...

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