Monday, March 26, 2012

Comes a time when...

Thick of it?

Too often we don't really hear
what folks are saying.  Right now
many people are feeling the sense
of dread around, a sense of unease
with how things are.  People are not
stupid, on the contrary, people are
smart, people know instinctively
that there are safety in numbers,
that's why we hang out together.
Ever notice that, when we want
to feel a sense of safety being
added to something, we want
some folks around us?

So when George Clooney, a well known star, maybe, one of the most well known stars in all of history- certainly he's recognizable in that category- makes a statement like he made in this ad, it has to make you wonder, do we really know what's going on?


Fair question- let's examine what is taking place as we watch.  The changes that are taking place in America aren't happening behind doors in smoke filled rooms, they are taking place right out in the big vast open- with ads like this one (George Clooney ...above), and others.  Television time on speeches, and coverage of certain news worthy events.  NOW- that's powerful stuff, and if you track
it down, guess what- things are changing 
in a very subtle way, right as you watch.

Do you believe you really have freedom
of expression, anymore, in the U.S.?  You
have limited freedom of expression, and
that freedom of expression is limited by
the local laws prohibiting certain sorts
of free speech.  I know you don't believe
me- so, try it yourself, try saying something
out loud where it's not wanted, about the
Bible, or God, or Jesus, just out loud-
where it might interfere with someone
peaceably buying something from
the local Wal-Mart- see how long it
takes before you are told you cannot
express "that."  Freedom of expression-
sure- at one time- but not anymore.


You won't find Dana asking you to do
anything, but if you read what He says-
you may find someone you claim you
believe in, asking you to be bolder than
you believe you can be, for all the right
Mat 10:32Whosoever 3956 3748 therefore 3767 shall confess 3670 1722 me 1698before 1715 men 4441722 him 846 will I confess 3670 also 2504before 1715 my 3450 Father 3962 which 3588 is in 1722 heaven 3772.
Mat 10:33But 1161 whosoever 3748 shall 302 deny 720 me 3165 before 1715 men444, him 846 will I also 2504 deny 720 before 1715 my 3450 Father 3962which 3588 is in 1722 heaven 3772.