Thursday, March 02, 2006

The changes come - its inevitalbe

Just as we watch people grow from children into teens, and teens into adults, so it is that everything, has a cyclic growth to it. What this implies in the strongest possible way, is that observing growth is observing a force at work that we can observe, even manipulate in some instances, but we cannot control. We didn't make this force, we don't make growth, it occurs until the organism ceases to grow and metamorphoses into something different. That we believe that this must inherently tell of the creator makes sense, great scientific minds have always proclaimed such, and it is mere observation that allows an individual to see this. What is interesting is that this creator has allowed us to become communicative. What do you think?

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L.L. Barkat said...

We don't make growth... but, we can perhaps nurture it, yes?

So, we take part, even if we don't make it all happen. And perhaps this is what God intended since the garden... a partnership between his miracles and our worship through acts of caring for those miracles.