Monday, July 24, 2006

Man alive, it's been weeks and weeks since I've had a minute to check here, have to get here more often. This week has been tied into the four sermon week, plus a paper on "Mere Christianity", which has proved to be a really deep read, for the third of fourth time. The world is frying, right before our eyes, Israel and the Hezbollah are not going to get peaceful, apparently; which means that Isaiah chapter two is even more intensely to be studied. Beyond this, my flock continues to hang together as a core group. One of these days I know they are going to get it, they are goint to reach out, they are going to grow, I can just feel it in my bones, sense it in my prayers, and feel the love comin' to the surface. Hope you have a great week, a great day in Jesus and write a comment if you've a mind ta...

Thanks...Bro. Dana

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