Friday, September 08, 2006

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Scot McKnight is really having some incredible discussions. Join in, it's hard not to get blessed in them, they have taught me much. So much is happening in the world these days that seems so drastic...

Three days before 9/11 anniversaryThe bombing came three days ahead of the fifth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks and as Afghans started commemorating the Sept. 9, 2001, assassination of revered anti-Taliban mujahedeen commander Ahmad Shah Masood.
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Convoy targetedSept. 8: At least two U.S. soldiers were among the dead after Friday's car bombing in Kabul. NBC's Kerry Sanders reports.
Today showThe blast went off about 50 yards from Kabul’s landmark Massood Square, which leads to the main gate of the heavily fortified U.S. Embassy compound. It left a 6-foot wide crater and left a carnage of body parts, Muslim prayer caps, floppy khaki-colored military hats and shoes.
A witness, Najibullah Faizi, said he saw a blue Toyota Corolla driven by a young heavyset man speed past another car on the inside lane before ramming one of two U.S. Humvees in a convoy.

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