Tuesday, October 10, 2006

OK Already

Sometimes it just doesn't seem fair does it? I remember a speeding ticket some years back, after I got it, and was out of the cops sight, the pedal went down again, why? Cause I figured I paid for that section of the highway, I ought to be able to use it some! On the other hand, one time an officer of the law pulled me over for going 60 in a fifty five...he said, "Tell you what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna give you a break this time...just slow it down, OK?" For at least the next six months, on that road, I lightened up on the gas pedal. What's the point- maybe it's something to do with ...grace? Today I still remember that, and slow down as a result of it. One was the law, and it was paid it's due- the law is the law, it is necessary for survival, for relevance in a society, and to maintain order. The other is grace, it isn't necessary at all, but it sure has an impact, wouldn't you say?

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Steve O said...

Luke 11:27-28