Monday, July 09, 2007

Deal? Wow...what a deal...

Nobody would have suspected what has taken place in the last few days weather wise,all across this country, and then there is the Live Concert that took place about global warming- do you have an opine on this one?

Here is the're gonna love it - and - it's not only measurable and controllable by you, it's for real. We're paying $100.00 for leads that qualify -you provide the lead when they qualify, you recieve $100.00 anyway you want- NOW- you tell me - is that an attractive offer, or what?
A Big question MIGHT BE---would you like more than a hundred?

Simply drop us a line with your name, your leads name, when you asked them if we could contact them, and their phone to reach them. When your lead joins our team, we send you $100.00 as a thank you. That's not bad ...and you control the contact, because you will know, oh believe me, you will know when your friend joins the's great..we also guarantee, no spiel, we never ask anyone for a dime- we just give them the facts, provide the information and if they like it, cool, if not...that's cool too- so send
us your leads we're waiting to say "Thank You" in a a major way...

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