Thursday, December 29, 2005

Crankin' it up a notch

Folks - we're movin' into a realm where nothin' much makes sense - the realm of funding and the government. But that's the fun stuff...let's just jump into some of the stuff that is ...slightly serious...

1) Shame on me - the blog was sittin' with no movement while I backgrounded stuff...that's crazy behavior on my part, but it wasn't disrespect to the science of this communicative tool- it was ignorance of the power contained herein.

2) After taking in some of Bizstone's "Blogging" and some of Ray Kurzweil's "SIngularity" - my eyes and heart for this type of moving communication to the masses have been blown wide open. So thank you for taking your time to read this..please do communicate back.

3) Linking is living - love those links...please post your's and let me know to post back with them....The New Year Is Upon Us...2006 will ROCK!

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