Saturday, December 31, 2005

What really is ...NEXT YEAR? ...

Someone pointed out that time is relative - that as a person gains in age, the experience of time for them is modified as a perception. I've often heard folks who had reached 40 or more years of age say that time was going bye faster, but until I reached it, the perception escaped me. The perception no longer escapes me- it is a reality- and the pure joy of what a young person can accomplish, the energy, the brilliance, the dynamic that they can do, and yet in so many sad cases, are choosing not to- has become what drives me forward with so many seemingly crazy schemes.
Bruce Schechter in "My brain is open" takes the time to share math in such a meaningful way, from such a fabolous leader, Paul Erdos; yet, unless you study the subject, Paul's name is obscure. Test this out, mention his name to the next ten folks you meet, just get bold and ask them, "hey, what do you think about Paul Erdos?" You will get a, "if I knew who he was I might know what to think about him, but - since you asked, who is he?" Or something the hard part...let me know how that goes...let's see if I'm on the mark, or, missin' it...betcha I ain' missin' it much?

Happy New Year Folks... -Dana

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