Wednesday, June 20, 2007

When Your Diet DIES...Some ideas...that work!

Eventually the fad pusher admits it, yes their diet is the one you need to buy into, and yes they know you have heard stuff like it before, but still, you need to listen to their pitch, buy their tape, and purchase their book. It’s burning itself out, this internal anti-fat market- where fad publications and “buzz” marketing have sent many ladies close to the edge, and many more to the stationary bikes!

What experience has taught me is that sound eating is hard to do in today’s culture, because everyone is always on the go, we don’t do meals around the family table every evening much anymore. World wide the development and consumption of fast food is still one of the most pronounced growth markets, trends and stocks. So we can come to grips with a reality factor here, diets are going to be around for a while. Darn it.

So we come to the practicality factor, that is we will diet for a while, but at some point the diet breaks down. Diet counselors talk about the “gonna eat” attitude that comes out of the persons not eating foods they love. This creates numerous problems for them, as they eat what they aren’t supposed to be eating in amounts that are too high. There is an answer, and it’s a sweet one (no pun intended) that from experience, works.

One – Fruit – oh it’s true, it’s not sexy, but it is – good. If you haven’t tried it in a while, let me suggest something that you might find weird, but it works – grapes that are frozen. Yes it sounds horrid, but you’d be surprised how good this is. Apples that are quartered and then use peanut butter on crackers (no fat crackers) as a side palette enhancer, it’s a sweet snack that has loads of energy.

Two - Breyers Double Churned No Fat Ice Cream. You may not have this brand name in your stores, so, look for double churned and No Fat; something about the texture of the double churned is actually softer and seems sweeter, even though we know it isn’t.

Three- Crunch factor foods that are diet rated. Used to be able to say “Crunchy Granola” but many diet counselors have said that Granola often contains as many calories as other crunchy foods so it isn’t necessarily any aid to the dieter. It does seem to me, and you might try this, that some granola in the afternoon staves off hunger? When combined with a nice low fat tea, like a “Green Tea,” or “Chai Tea” this snack is a hunger buster that works all the time.

So when you combine these suggestions it is true they aren’t barn burners, but here is the real deal – where many times a diet will get blown away on a Friday evening binge, or a Saturday weakness, leading to a binge, these foods can help. What would happen if the next time you were really thinking of eating away at it, you ate one of these instead, the difference might be very helpful to you. Hang in there – it’s worth it!

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