Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Love It ...Just Love it...Thats All...Love It...

Dr. Taylor See Entry 108 as you scroll down the page
an amazing man of God, and a spritiually deep and abiding man;shared with us about writing, about sharing the message, yes, he taught preaching, but this great man of God shared his soul and we, his student's, loved him for it. Dr. Taylor built love from a deep place, a place where giving of himself was the order. Many times after class Dr. Taylor would stay and talk and share and care- and that, made the difference. Dr. Taylor has now gone on to be with our Lord, he is at peace, we are still here, but Dr. Taylor's life must be kept sacred as was his representation of the fine art of loving those we are blessed to be able to reach. Are you thankful today to be blessed to reach some? None of us will reach all, but we all, can reach some, and if we do, some will get reached. You are so vitally important to the world of fresh, new, ideas, the world of exploding meanings and creativity, let your message of powerful, loving devotion, flow out today- and may your efforts be truly blessed.-DrD

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